A Couple of Words about Roulette Systems

Roulette online is a very popular game of chance. You can find roulette services in almost all online or mobile casinos on the Internet. The rules of the game are quite simple. Roulette is a sort of casino-banked game. It means that you gamble against the gambling house and not against other people sitting at the gambling table. The interests of the roulette casino are represented by dealer. At the beginning of the game, all the players at the table make bets. When all the bets are made, the dealer proclaims: “The bets are off!” and puts the gambling wheel to rotation. At the same time, the small ball is put to revolution in the opposite direction: if the rotational wheel spins counterclockwise, the ball runs clockwise. When the wheel and the ball stop, the ball lies on a certain sector. The sector at which the ball stops determines who wins and who loses, and what will be the prize for those who won. You may make bets in different manners: you may play on only red, or only black numbers, even or odd numbers, big or small numbers, choose one, two, four, or six random numbers, or just choose one column or dozen. The less sectors you bet on, the more money you get if your bet win. Currently roulette is available at Kaisers South Africa and other casinos. There player can enjoy the game of chance online. By the way, it is wrong statement that roulette is game of chance at all. Professional players use different winning strategies. The most successful combinations of bets could be calculated. Online casinos allow improving roulette skills and trying different winning strategies. Gains can be withdrawn easily any time when you want to stop the game. In order to start playing special roulette software should be downloaded and installed. Some casinos offer playing roulette without download.

The roulette wheel in all variations of roulette has thirty six sectors with numbers from 1 to 36 written on them. The rotational wheel for European roulette also has a zero sector (0), and in American roulette, there are two zero sectors (0 and 00). When the ball lies on zero sector, all the players lose, and all the bets go to the gambling establishment. Your chances to win in roulette merely depend on the variation you choose. In European roulette, the advantage of casino is about 2.7%, and in American roulette, it is about 5.3%. The advantage of casino in American variation is higher, because there are two zero sectors, and in European casino there is only one.

Roulette game was invented in 17th century, and since that time many people all over the world wonder how to win money playing this exciting game. Many roulette systems were invented during last centuries, and the overwhelming majority of them are based on one of two basic principles. First principle is to increase your bets when you lose, and second principle is to decrease your bets when you lose. All the winning roulette systems are based on either first or second principle. For example, in Martingale roulette system, you should double your bets each time you lose. According to probability theory, you will win sooner or later, and the prize will cover the losses from previous rounds. However, online casinos usually put the limitations on maximal and minimal bet, so that you can’t increase the bet endlessly.

Now you know a little bit more about roulette and winning systems for roulette. We hope the information will be useful for you and will bring you some profit. Good bye!